Te Ahu o Rehua:

A Network for Cross Cultural Ocean Knowledge

We connect expertise across the fields of climate change, marine science, ocean health, and non-instrument navigation.



The Te Ahu o Rehua: A Network for Cross Cultural Ocean Knowledge connects expertise across the fields of climate change, marine science, ocean health, voyaging and non-instrument navigation, and build capacity amongst Māori undergraduate, postgraduate, community members, and practitioners. By creating a cohesive network we aim to enhance Vision Mātauranga marine related research programmes and increase opportunities for Māori entities and organisations to benefit from the interaction between Māori knowledge and scientific disciplines.

Through the network, we envision the establishment of a strong network of Māori marine science and mātauranga practitioners with robust links into marine science and climate change communities. The network members will be supported to develop connections and resources for sharing cross cultural ocean knowledge. The potential outcomes from this network will be greater capacity and capability to develop and deliver successful marine health initiatives (practical, policy, research). 

The benefits to whānau, hapū and iwi will be the contributions that subsequent initiatives have in protecting or enhancing their rohe moana. Better cross cultural collaborations and Māori community partnerships will benefit regional government through participatory projects that support coastal kaitiakitanga. Network members will be engaged in waka voyaging, postgraduate training, collaborative research, policy development, and community initiatives that contribute towards ocean health. The network will provide a place to go for capacity building, community engagement, workshops and training, support and mentoring, as well as cross-cultural innovation.   

He Moana Kotahi


The ocean connects us to our ancestors across the Pacific and provides a path between communities around New Zealand. Our interactions with Tangaroa and Hinemoana emphasise both our mahinga kai relationships and kaitiaki responsibilities which extend from land to sea. 

Capacity and connectivity are rate-limiting steps for unlocking the innovation potential of Māori knowledge, resources and people. This project provides the foundation for addressing both of these issues by creating workshop spaces that connect Māori community members, Māori undergraduate and postgraduate students with experienced researchers and faculty from western science, Māori science, and te ao Māori disciplines. By building a general understanding within the participants of these different contexts, it provides an awareness of the value of each discipline, a springboard for further training, and a network of people with a shared interest in cross cultural collaboration and ocean health.

Mātangireia Waka Trust


Mātangireia Waka Trust (MWT) leads the Te Ahu o Rehua project and is a non-profit organization whose mission is to learn, preserve, and redistribute the practice, customs and traditions of waka, te reo Māori and Māori arts.

MWT trustees are experienced Maori voyagers, sailors and watermen who have been part of the Polynesian voyaging waka whanau since the 1990s. We are guided by:

  • Manaakitanga.  We practice reciprocity through sharing, caring for people and recognizing the unique differences that people have to offer.
  • Whanaungatanga.  We embrace the diverse cultural backgrounds that people come form and forge and protect the relationships we form underpinned by manaakitanga.
  • Hauora. We promote and support healthy living, healthy bodies and health minds underpinned by te taha wairua.
  • Tuku rua.  We strive to learn and redistribute knowledge.